Miniature Dollhouse Room Kits

I broke down and ordered one of those Miniature room kits off of Amazon.  If you haven't seen these yet they are complete miniature kits that come with everything you need to make a little room. 

The reviews were pretty mixed lol. Most people found it easy to put it together so I'm feeling pretty confident.

One thing I noticed is that the kits seem to be mostly in the 1:24 scale range. I'm a little nervous about that as I haven't worked in that scale in more than 20 years. Might need to get stronger reading glasses for this project.

I don't currently own a 1:12 inch scale dollhouse. For the amount of crappy junk food I ate during the pandemic I could have had one of those beautiful Greenleaf mansions to build. I would still like to get one but I think I am wise to practice on a room kit first.

Have you made one of these kits? I would love to see photos and hear your opinion on them. Which ones were your favourite? There are so many and honestly, I would like to try them all.

This is this kit I ordered. It is a bakery/candy store and I thought I could use my own food and candies in it and use it as a backdrop for photographing my bakery themed miniatures.

Update: It arrived earlier than expected and it looks so cute. I literally cannot wait to get started. It looks like there is a lot of little pieces to lose so I'm not going to even open it until I clear off my work table :) Stay tuned!!

so many pieces!!


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