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Make your own Dollhouse and Barbie Miniatures at home with your printer!

A list of links/sites that have Free Doll and Miniature Printies

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General Printable Websites

Mini Doll Kits - This page has wonderful wallpaper and a ton of other awesome mini related goodies.

Small Stuff Digest - Tools, Patterns, Tips, Articles, Poems and Printables for Miniature Enthusiasts

True to Scales Miniature Blog  - There are some great links to tutorials on this site as well as some beautiful printables

Minnesota Mini Market - Lots of freebies on this site

Minifanticus-  Nice variety of printies 

Dollar Store Dollhouse -  This site has medieval book printables as well as a neat tutorial on making vintage Christmas Trees out of bottle brushes

Printable Paper Crafts  - This site has paper projects of all types.

Jennifer's Printables- This site has wonderful wallpaper (including vintage styles) as well as tutorials on making curtains and furniture. Barbie scale too!!

Treefeathers has awesome unique printies. Christmas and other holidays, photos, signs and tiny sheet music.

PaperBrick - Need bricks? This site lets you generate printable ones in ALL scales including Train scales. So cool!!

Minna's Miniatures - This page has really nice boxes and books to print.

PrintMini - This site has been around forever and IMO has the best printies available. The money and newspapers are my favourites.

My Small Obsession - Wonderful site with some beautiful Barbie printables 

The Spruce - An E-Zine with mini and doll articles and tutorials

Catch my Party - This is a general printables site but many of the designs could be reduced for dolls . 

Artists in Miniature Magazine on Scribd - I'm not a subscriber to scribd but it looks tempting if they have copies of mini mags such as this one.

SUMMER Printies


Elf on the Shelf Printables  - Colouring sheets and accessories
Free Gingerbread House - Cute house in Barbie scale


Halloween Party printies - from Nwabisas littlethings blog

Toys and Games

Montessori Train printables - Now this is actually a site for trained themed activities but some of these graphics would be perfect in a mini Toy room or doll classroom

Printable Games- Blues Clues, Pop it , Mega Blocs 

Train Related printables

Kraft Trains - Printables for Model railways in all scales. So many of these can be used for dolls. I love the mini vending machines. so cute!

Fast Tracks  printable layouts 

American Girl and 18"

Other Sites
Brands that make minis sometimes have freebies and printables so I occasionally visit them.

Flickr Sites
These are Flickr Photo accounts that have awesome printables both dollhouse related and junk journal worthy. The graphics link to the original post.

Mini Treasures Printable Flickr Group - This group is dedicated for printables that can be used in dollhouses, room boxes and dioramas.

Kool-Aid Printables - Volume 2

Fourth Of July Printablesdec buffet2


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