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1961 Little Boy Smoking Winston cigarettes with Granny

When I buy a box lot of slides from an estate auction, I usually have no clue what I am going to find and get really excited when an unusual or offbeat photo shows up. This slide of a little boy imitating his grandmother smoking a cigarette is my cool find for the day. In today's society a photo like this posted to Facebook would cause quite an uproar and comments from friends with parenting advice.

Kodachrome Display at St Patrick TTC Subway Station Toronto

Last month I was thrilled to come across this wonderful public installation of Kodachrome at St Patrick Subway station in Toronto. The display was part of the Scotiabank Contact Photography Festival and featured photographs taken by Chris Lund, a self-taught photographer who worked for the National Film Board of Canada. You can read more about the installation here. 

Slide of the day - Hollywood Street scene from the 1960s - Capitol Records

   I love this photo! It was taken in the early 1960s in Hollywood Ca.  I currently have it for sale on Ebay if you are interested in the original slide.