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Canatara Park Farm - Sarnia

One of my favourite places in Sarnia to go walking, is Canatara Park and beach.  They also have a cool little petting farm that I haven't been to in a few years so I stopped in yesterday to say hi to some of the residents.  Not too many were outside but the Donkeys were happy to see us. The Geese were mating very loudy and non stop so spring must be in the air. I'm undecided if this sign at the Children's Farm is too phallic lol 

Miniature Page

I've moved most of Dollhouse Miniature and Barbie content over to my new page Suzy's Minis . I will still be posting here but it will be photography and history related. Please visit my miniature page and check out some of my latest posts including a worldwide calendar  of Doll events and shows. Mini finds at the dollarstore Easter and Spring Printies Popsicle stick floor You can follow me on Instagram for updates @suzysminis or @redwoodretro

Miniature Printables Directory - Free Dollhouse and Barbie Printies and Patterns

As of March 2022, this directory will only be updated on my Miniature Blog please update your bookmarks An updated list can be found on my Mini page :) Make your own Dollhouse and Barbie Miniatures at home with your printer! A list of links/sites that have Free Doll and Miniature Printies Updated Feb 17, 2022 - Please go to suzy's minis for the latest printies Follow me on instagram @suzysminis @redwoodretro Send me your links! General Printable Websites Mini Doll Kits  - This page has wonderful wallpaper and a ton of other awesome mini related goodies. Small Stuff Digest  - Tools, Patterns, Tips, Articles, Poems and Printables for Miniature Enthusiasts True to Scales Miniature Blog   - There are some great links to tutorials on this site as well as some beautiful printables Minnesota Mini Market   - Lots of freebies on this site Minifanticus-   Nice variety of printies  Dollar Store Dollhouse   -  This site has medieval book printables as well as a neat tutorial