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Free Junk Journal and Scrapbook Ephemera Printables and Images

Free Scrapbooking and Junk Journal Printables *Updated May 2024 Photos are best saved from a desktop Enjoy these free scanned images from my paper stash. I have digitally altered some of the images using photoshop but most of them are scans of the original graphic.  Click on photo to view in a gallery. Right Click to save the photo This one was originally made with watercolour paper, rubber stamps and inks.   This cool woodcut of a bagpiper and his dog is from a magazine published in 1898. From a vintage Sears catalogue   This is just a vintage book page with a rubber stamp. This technique looks great in a frame all on its own. I always look for vintage novels with thicker soft pages as they hold the ink nicely,                                                                 Click Here for More Postcard Printables Click h

Junk Journal Embellishments - Fairies

Garden Fairy Scrapbook and Journal Embellishments made by Gayle using a mix of digital art, rubber stamps and hand drawn and inked. So many beautiful ideas here. This lot is available in the Redwood Retro Ebay store  

Junk Journal Embellishments - Steampunk

New in my eBay store. These awesome Journal and Scrapbooking tags and Embellishments made by Gayle of Glitterfly Studio  

Free Junk Journal Scrapbooking Printables - Classified and Wanted ads

I love reading old classified ads from bygone days.   They also make great backgrounds and graphics for scrapbooking and junk/treasure journaling.   These graphics save best when opened in Chrome  Toronto 1836 Click here for more printables