Update - Blogging family history - Google Patents

I have been having so much fun turning all my family history into a series of blogs. I find it a much easier and more interactive way to share my research.

I love that I can add a post and share something exciting that I have found much faster than editing a website. I can post a photo in real time from an old cemetery and get reaction or questions about the post right away, something I couldn't do with a traditional website.

I do plan to add a little more creativity to my blogs. I think I play more with the layout and features than I actually post at the moment. The amount of photos and records I have to scan are unreal and I want to make sure the layout is easy to navigate to find everything.

Google Patents

I have added a post on my Blakely blog about my great grandfathers inventions. I knew about the inventions from a newspaper story but I didn't know that my grandfathers drawings and patents existed on Google Patents.
I found the link during a random name search of my grandfather and am just amazed by this treasure filled database that I have somehow missed until now.

 Try searching a name on the page to see if your ancestor invented anything or browse through and look at original drawings of the things we use every day.

 Some of the most recent submissions are pretty cool too. The ones that caught my eye were: The Smart Toothbrush. The Cage A Cat bath (Huh?) and  The beer flavored alcoholic beverage containing dietary fiber. (HINT: Clicking view PDF on the patent page will bring up the related drawings)


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