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Genealogy - Canada - Manitoulin Island Residents 1838

Found these notes in an old binder from when I was researching the Tobermory area. I believe these are from Manitoulin Church Records

Happy New Year! OTD in Toronto 1920

On This Day in 1920 Toronto Newspaper clippings from January 1,1920

Free Canadian Genealogy Links - Ontario

Free Canadian Genealogy Links -  Ontario  *I haven't posted about genealogy for a while and noticed many of the research links I use are now outdated or no longer exist. So I am starting from scratch with a new list of sites. If you know of a free / or own a genealogy site not listed please let me know and I will add it.  I try to stick to the free stuff and  FYI...a good percentage of the records on the "Paid" sites are available for free in other just have to do a little digging. I do use the paid subscription sites now and then, especially if I have a tree to do in a hurry. Paid sites like ancestry make it super easy to find information, but for my own trees, I prefer to take my time and research the old fashioned way.  Genealogy is like a puzzle and to me, it is not very fun if you are given all the answers right away. *This list of links is an ongoing Work In Progress so please check back often for updates :) Toronto City Directories 

Toronto Bible College Yearbook 1942 - The Gateway

Toronto Bible College Yearbook 1942 The Gateway Click photo to enlarge and view in a slideshow