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I've moved most of Dollhouse Miniature and Barbie content over to my new page Suzy's Minis . I will still be posting here but it will be photography and history related. Please visit my miniature page and check out some of my latest posts including a worldwide calendar  of Doll events and shows. Mini finds at the dollarstore Easter and Spring Printies Popsicle stick floor You can follow me on Instagram for updates @suzysminis or @redwoodretro

Miniature Printables Directory - Free Dollhouse and Barbie Printies and Patterns

As of March 2022, this directory will only be updated on my Miniature Blog please update your bookmarks An updated list can be found on my Mini page :) Make your own Dollhouse and Barbie Miniatures at home with your printer! A list of links/sites that have Free Doll and Miniature Printies Updated Feb 17, 2022 - Please go to suzy's minis for the latest printies Follow me on instagram @suzysminis @redwoodretro Send me your links! General Printable Websites Mini Doll Kits  - This page has wonderful wallpaper and a ton of other awesome mini related goodies. Small Stuff Digest  - Tools, Patterns, Tips, Articles, Poems and Printables for Miniature Enthusiasts True to Scales Miniature Blog   - There are some great links to tutorials on this site as well as some beautiful printables Minnesota Mini Market   - Lots of freebies on this site Minifanticus-   Nice variety of printies  Dollar Store Dollhouse   -  This site has medieval book printables as well as a neat tutorial

Wacky Packages Minis - Unboxing

 I came across these by accident searching for another brand of Miniatures and I had to check them out. When I was a kid Wacky Packages were a favourite bubblegum card fad. I was already into hockey cards and Mad magazines so these were right up my alley. Fun Fact.  I have a scar on my knee from Wacky Packages from when I was about 7 or 8 years old. I had kneeled on the floor to stick up a wacky sticker on my bedroom floor and my knee landed on a piece of glass. I have vivid memories of my grandfather holding me upside down so my Dad could remove the glass easier? lol  I have long forgotten what the sticker was  These ones came in individual little blind bags. I didn't notice you could buy different revealed sets but the blind bags are much more fun. I'm loving all these other brands of minis too. Do you have a favourite? Mini Brands from Zuru are the ones Ive been collecting for a few years now.  They are 1:6 approx. They have both toys and brands but I think  I like the toy

Vintage Kodachrome Slides - Dogs

Photographers have been drawn to animal subjects since the invention of cameras with dogs being number one in my opinion. Searching through estate lots of amateur slides, I find just as many dog photos as I do ones of babies. These photos are all from the 1960s. Photographers unknown. Click here for my recent Dog photos 

Free Elf on The Shelf Colouring sheets and Printables

Here are some links to some of my favourite places on the web to get  free Elf on the Shelf printable colouring pages, props and crafts! The Elf on the Shelf Official page has lots of things to colour and activities  19 Free Elf Props   - This site has a cool superhero costume for your elf! Pimp your Elf   - Elf mail, Mini monopoly game and costumes!! PARENTS Magazine has some nice pictures  Super Coloring - Elf on the shelf pages to print and color as well as pages from popular Fairy tales Get Coloring - Has a few dozen images to colour of the Elf More printable props

Cigar Box Bed Miniature 1:12 scale

I was cleaning the garage last week and came across an old cigar box that had fallen behind a shelf. Perfect size for a dollhouse bookshelf but then I remembered I really needed beds for my newest house.  If you are a miniaturist you probably look at every piece of household scrap as a potential mini.  This box is 7 inches in length ( makes a 7 foot bed) and wood.  I believe cigar boxes are made from a type of cedar?  Its very thin and cuts easily but it is strong.  I used to have a full box of cigar boxes that I picked up from a smoke shop. I've used them over the years for all sorts of projects. They are great for storing small items and stack very well. Visit your local cigar/smoke shop if you can find one and I'm sure they would gladly give you a few boxes to play with.    I gave it a good scrubbing and removed the paper labels. I glued the flat pieces together (The top and bottom of the box).  The inside of the lid holds the mattress and the inside of the box is the unders

Free Fall Autumn Images and stock photos