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Online Cemetery Databases

A few links to websites with online cemetery records and photos. Toronto List of Cemeteries in Toronto The Toronto Star has put together an interactive map of Toronto Cemeteries.    Pretty cool! Toronto Trust Cemeteries -  These records include an index and images from several Toronto cemeteries, including: York General Burying Ground (also called Potter’s Field), 1826-1855; Necropolis Cemetery, 1850-1912 (the index will continue to 1935); Mount Pleasant Cemetery, 1876-1933; Prospect Cemetery, 1890-1935. Mount Pleasant Cemetery - Genealogy inquiry page Ontario Ontario Cemetery Finding Aid - OCFA - Genealogy Database of over 3 million interments in Ontario Canada. Fields of Stones   - This site focuses on providing pictures of pioneer or abandoned cemeteries located in Ontario St Thomas Anglican Church Belleville Ontario Cemetery Pioneer cemetery in Belleville, Ontario photo gallery Picton Ontario - Glenwood Cemetery Burial records   Greenwood Cemetery Buri

Fort York - Toronto - Farm to Fork On Common Ground

Grab your cameras and bring an empty stomach to celebrate harvest season, September 24th weekend at Toronto's Historical Fort York.  Farm to Fork On Common Ground is a family friendly feast of Food,Culture and Fun! Shop at the organic farmers market, create some art, or just sit back and enjoy the music and dance. For more information on the festival visit Click here for information on Fort York A freshly baked pie from the Fort York kitchen - TORONTO

1951 Canadian Census advertisement #Genealogy


Update - Blogging family history - Google Patents

I have been having so much fun turning all my family history into a series of blogs. I find it a much easier and more interactive way to share my research. I love that I can add a post and share something exciting that I have found much faster than editing a website. I can post a photo in real time from an old cemetery and get reaction or questions about the post right away, something I couldn't do with a traditional website. I do plan to add a little more creativity to my blogs. I think I play more with the layout and features than I actually post at the moment. The amount of photos and records I have to scan are unreal and I want to make sure the layout is easy to navigate to find everything. Google Patents I have added a post on my Blakely blog about my great grandfathers inventions . I knew about the inventions from a newspaper story but I didn't know that my grandfathers drawings and patents existed on Google Patents. I found the link during a random name search

Genealogy Pages

After more than 20 years of researching my family tree and procrastinating about publishing it, I have finally decided to turn my research into a series of blogs. I have far too much information to cram into a book and seeing that most of my family is online and on social media, doing it via blogs seemed to be the most logical way to go. I am going to do a blog for each main branch of my tree starting and I am starting with my maternal grandmothers side.  I have just started putting the first one together so check it out and let me know what you think.

St Thomas Anglican Church Cemetery

I have started to transcribe photos of headstones I recently took at St Thomas Anglican Church cemetery in Belleville. It is a work in progress. Some of my photos are hard to read so I think I will have to take a few trips back and try to decipher some in person. To learn more about this cemetery and see the photos click here . Supposedly there are a few ghosts who hang out there so I think a nighttime trip is in order this summer.

Canadian Pioneer & Vintage advertisements

I have started to update my page on Canadian Vintage advertising.  Most of these are from Ontario newspapers that I have collected over the years.