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8mm Home Movie - Toronto 1960

This is footage from the beginning of a trip from Toronto to California in 1960. The street is Davenport Rd by Old Weston rd. My grandfathers Texaco was next door.

8mm Film - Coca Cola Plant fire Toronto 1962

This is a short one of a fire at a Coca Cola plant in Toronto. I'm pretty sure it is 1962. It was shot at the corner of Old Weston Road and Toronto where my family had a Texaco Gas station.  I have decided to put the films on YouTube so I have started a new channel,  Redwood Retro :)  Please subscribe if you like old home movies.

1918 Spanish Flu Clippings

Newspaper clippings from 1918 Most of these are from The Greater Toronto Region and Ontario 

Happy New Year! OTD in Toronto 1920

On This Day in 1920 Toronto Newspaper clippings from January 1,1920

Free Canadian Genealogy Links - Ontario

Free Canadian Genealogy Links -  Ontario  *I haven't posted about genealogy for a while and noticed many of the research links I use are now outdated or no longer exist. So I am starting from scratch with a new list of sites. If you know of a free / or own a genealogy site not listed please let me know and I will add it.  I try to stick to the free stuff and  FYI...a good percentage of the records on the "Paid" sites are available for free in other just have to do a little digging. I do use the paid subscription sites now and then, especially if I have a tree to do in a hurry. Paid sites like ancestry make it super easy to find information, but for my own trees, I prefer to take my time and research the old fashioned way.  Genealogy is like a puzzle and to me, it is not very fun if you are given all the answers right away. *This list of links is an ongoing Work In Progress so please check back often for updates :) Toronto City Directories 

Toronto Bible College Yearbook 1942 - The Gateway

Toronto Bible College Yearbook 1942 The Gateway Click photo to enlarge and view in a slideshow