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8mm Film - Coca Cola Plant fire Toronto 1962

This is a short one of a fire at a Coca Cola plant in Toronto. I'm pretty sure it is 1962. It was shot at the corner of Old Weston Road and Toronto where my family had a Texaco Gas station.  I have decided to put the films on YouTube so I have started a new channel,  Redwood Retro :)  Please subscribe if you like old home movies.

8mm Home Movie scanner

 I bought an 8mm/super 8 scanner/editor this week to add to my growing collection of editing tools.  This one is pretty easy to use so far although some of my reels are too big and I have already had to order smaller ones. Thank goodness I have a time machine and can travel back to the 1960s for parts! Just kidding..but I did find some on good ole eBay. Here is a sample of some of the films I've transferred so far. Both are from 1962