Saturday, January 25, 2020

Free Junk Journal and Scrapbook Printables

Free Scrapbook and Junk Journal Printables

*Updated January 25/2020

Enjoy these free images from my stash. 

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This one was originally made with watercolour paper, rubber stamps and inks.

This cool woodcut of a bagpiper and his dog is from a magazine published in 1898

From a vintage Sears catalogue

This is just a vintage book page with a rubber stamp. This technique looks great in a frame all on its own. I always look for vintage novels with thicker soft pages as they hold the ink nicely,

Click here for Christmas Graphics!!

Mermaid Junk Journal

I want to share this awesome Junk Journal my mother is currently working on for a gift.

The cover is a stretchy fabric and the embellishments are made from premade foam stickers ( the wee sea life creatures are made from polymer clay using a mold)

The mermaid on this page is a rubber stamp.

These pages are made from National Geographic type books and magazines

Tuesday, January 07, 2020

Retro Advertisements - 1920s Newspaper ads

Newspaper advertisements from the 1920s

These are mostly from Canadian newspapers