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Toilet Paper Scrapbook embellishments using a Sizzix Big Shot

If you are a scrapbooker/crafter you have probably heard of the Sizzix Big shot series. If you haven't, it is basically a machine that embosses and cuts out shapes using metal dies and plates I don't own one ( I have a mini version) but my mother does and she is forever making the coolest little embellishments using a wide variety of household paper. Can you guess what kind of paper she used this week? Yep! Toilet paper.   Everything in this photo was made with TP  The square was made with embossing plates and the cats are made with metal dies. Embellishments using toilet paper Die-Cut Toilet Paper Embellishments  Big Shot Kick Machine I got a chance to play with it last month before the world shut down and did some experimenting with magazine sheets. The glossy pages make the embossing "pop" similar to using tinfoil or metallic craft paper.         For this one, I found a magazine sheet with a grass pattern and used a metal