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Canatara Park Farm - Sarnia

One of my favourite places in Sarnia to go walking, is Canatara Park and beach.  They also have a cool little petting farm that I haven't been to in a few years so I stopped in yesterday to say hi to some of the residents.  Not too many were outside but the Donkeys were happy to see us. The Geese were mating very loudy and non stop so spring must be in the air. I'm undecided if this sign at the Children's Farm is too phallic lol 

Schleich Toys

I've recently discovered the Schleich brand of toys and now I am obsessed.  For plastic animal figures, they are very well detailed and pretty close to 1:12 inch scale. The company was founded in Germany in 1935 and is one of the largest manufacturers of toy figurines.  I'm sooo bummed that it took me this long to discover them. The main reason I collect figures is for photography.  I photograph the miniatures I make myself on a daily basis (for selling online ) but taking photos of toys is just for fun.  Schleich Cow photographed with a Google Pixel and edited in Snapseed - Redwood Retro I like to use other toy brands as well.  When I found this lovely creature in the garden, I couldn't resist posing it on a Hot Wheels car  (yes, I collect those too lol).

Feb 6.2014 Snow and sheep

Another day, another squall warning. Our city has been hit with so much snow and bad weather this season...but hey! Its winter...and we are in CANADA.what do you expect?  I do have a confession to make..I actually am loving this weather. I love storms of all kinds and so I say bring it on. (No hate mail please) This week in the newsroom a few of us went down to Prince Edward County to cover a barn fire. It was a an old barn that housed mostly pregnant sheep and nursing lambs. Close to 250 sheep were killed as a result of the fire. We spent most of the day on scene with the farmer and his family and this is an experience that will stay with me for a while. The sounds, smells and visuals are hard to get off my mind. Photojournalist Justin Greaves was on scene with us. Here is the link to his story on the fire  that appeared in the Pioneer. I wrote a shorter version for QNet News that you can view here with video by reporter Alisa Howlett. There was one little incident that was