Sunday, November 24, 2013


 A group of physicists at BYU have been working hard at coming up with the proper techniques for using urinals. ( Cause you know that urinal splash-back is a problem that men stress daily about)

I have my own urinal story (Doesn't everyone?)  Family members loved embarrassing me with the retelling of this over the years.

When I was the adorable age of two, I was taken to a family wedding . I have been told many times that there was a heatwave at the time. At the reception, to keep my  little two-year-old self amused, I spent much of the evening bringing guests nice, cold glasses of water in those little plastic wine glasses.  Who could refuse a cute toddler.   My grandmother decided to follow me to see where I was getting the water from and found me with a stack of glasses in front of a urinal.  I guess I wasn't so cute anymore :P.

DID YOU KNOW..........  

There is a website that is nothing but urinal photography  Check it out. They have an interactive urinal map and with the top 1000 urinals around the world.
If you are planning to build a man cave, this site just might give you some inspiration.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

WW1 Photos

These are a few of my world war one photos. Most are family or were taken by family. I plan to retouch these day when my Photoshop skills improve.

War photos

I am in the process of scanning and retouching all of my war photos and keepsakes to make into a slideshow for various family members. So many family members served and my goal to to tell the story of every one of them. The person I am drawn to the most is a relative named Bill Blakely. His mom (my gr aunt) was a single mother during WWII and it was just the two of them. He was killed in Germany in 1941. I have a ton of his pictures and clippings about him but have no one to pass them on to. He had no children or siblings and anyone who knew him personally is long gone. Each remembrance day it is Bill that I honor and pay tribute to, just to keep his memory alive. I am trying to learn more about who he was as a person but I do not have much to go on other than a box of photos.